Children's Mental Health Diagnostic and Treatment Services 

of Ventura County a Nonprofit Organization

                            We Advocate for Children and their Families

Children’s Mental Health Diagnostic and Treatment Services of Ventura County, Inc. (CMHDTS) was formed to address the problematic state of mental health services in Ventura County.  We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.  Over the years, there has been an increasing need for more organizations able to and/or willing to provide comprehensive, focused mental health services, especially diagnostics, for children and their families in a format that many of the residents of the county want, which is in the client’s home or at alternative sites such as, schools, camps, group homes, foster homes, and Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) or any other appropriate setting such as a visitation room at Children Family Services (Child Protective Services).

 Although we are based in and primarily serve the population of Ventura County, we have served selected individuals in surrounding counties.  Our focus is on the underserved and underprivileged from all ethnic backgrounds.  The primary populations served are children and their families who have been identified as victims of or at risk for any mental health issue, child abuse, and/or family violence.  Also served are children with developmental delays, children with any condition that may or will often lead to educational failures, and/or children with medical syndromes that have inherent mental health problems.  CMHDTS also targets families with single or very young mothers.  Others served are the disabled and the elderly adult. 

On a broader level, we have received dedicated funding to train people and provide expanded services in our county for such well known programs as “Parent Project” and currently, “Seeking Safety.”   In 2011 our CEO at that time and our CFO were honored by the Change A Life Foundation for their outstanding work in mental health for children and families. 


                                                          Our services ultimately benefit society
                                    because mentally healthy children make mentally sound adults



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