Our organization provides its services to eligible children and their families through two basic programs which are the Mental Health Diagnostic Program (MHDP) and the Mental Health Treatment Program (MHTP).

Diagnostic Program 

The diagnostic program utilizes intensive and extensive psychiatric interviews, observations, and a variety of standardized tests and assessments as well as a number of checklists and self-report forms to identify the specific mental health disorders/problem(s) involved.

We have discontinued our 
Educational Assessments and Consultations as of 1/2/14.

Referrals to other diagnostic services include referrals to medical diagnostic services to be done by an appropriate practitioner or specialist. These referrals may include genetic testing and S.P.E.C.T. brain scans, if appropriate.

Treatment Program - Kids and Friends Counseling Center 

Provides High Quality Services by experienced Licensed or pre-licensed professionals.  The clinicians at KFCC will evaluate your needs and recommends an individualized treatment plan for you, your children, and/or family members that might include but is not limited to:

* Play, Music, and Art Therapy
* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
* School and Office Based Groups
* Family Therapy
* Individual Therapy
* Anger/Stress Management and Relaxation Training
* Parenting Education

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